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You can't just let social media and some emails to friends and family get you to your target on their own. You'll need to do more if you want to get to it and go beyond. There are so many options, some much tougher than others. in this section we help you get the most from your fundraising.

However busy we are, we should all have a bit of time to spend raising money for charity. If you have a guaranteed entry to an event from a charity you will have a target you have to reach and if you just want to do your bit and run your next event for your favourite charity it's still a great idea to set yourself a goal. These ideas will help you reach it. Don't leave it too late though. Start early. Aim to spend a couple of hours a week on it and you get there no problem.

Sell, sell, sell

We all have unwanted items at home and often they are in the way. What better approach to raising funds for charity than selling this on one or more of the online platforms. Ebay is the obvious one but there are plenty of others, many of which are aimed at specific types of gear. Got lots of clothes that you no longer wear? Perfect, get them on one of the platforms designed specifically for that purpose. Whatever you can get is a bonus and will help you get a small step closer to your goal. The money will come in directly to you and you add it to your page with your card, or send it directly to your charity. The more fees (from the fundraising platform, where your fundraising page is hosted) you can save by sending it directly to the charity the better.

Birthday coming up?

What do you get the person with everything? A donation to charity of course. Instead of receiving presents on your next birthday why not ask friends and family to make a donation on your fundraising page instead? This is a really good way of raising a decent amount without having to do a great deal. If your birthday doesn't fit the schedule, Christmas might, so try that instead.

Have a 'charity dinner' at home

Plan a dinner at home for friends and family and instead of letting them in for free ask them to make a donation to your charity instead. Maybe set a minimum, but don't go too crazy in case no-one wants to come! You'll be surprised at how much you can raise by trying this approach. Make it special and maybe do it more than once. Potentially this is something you could do once for family, another time for friends and then a third time for work colleagues.

Host a quiz or a bingo night

If you don't like the idea of cooking for potential supporters, how about organising a quiz or bingo night. These are pretty straightforward with lots of options available to download from a number of different websites. A quick Google search and you'll find the best options for your location. Charge an entry fee and a price for drinks and you'll be surprised how much you'll be able to generate from a few hours of work.

Work options

Not as many of us are in the office as we once were but there are enough to plan some activity to support your fundraising. You could try a 'No Swearing' day with a fine jar, a dress down day, or the ever popular sweepstake around a big sporting event. There are a lot of options but try to be creative and offer a decent prize as a reward.

Fantasy sport

So many of us are involved with fantasy football or one of a myriad of other options. Set up your own version wherever you're based, or use an existing game and for a month give users in your peer group an added incentive in return for a prize. Try and get something donated so you don't have any costs.

Car washing and gardening

This is definitely something for the warmer months and could be a great way to raise some funds. Start with people you know and then broaden your horizons and try some neighbours. They will be much more receptive if you give them your fundraising page, rather than ask for cash. Get some small cards done with the page details on it, hand them out and see what happens. You can do the same with small gardening jobs. Lawn mowing, hedge cutting, these are all options.

Take a turn as a 'taxi driver'

This one will take a bit of planning, but why not hire yourself out for the weekend as a taxi driver for friends and family. Agree a programme of rides and fix all prices in advance. Get a schedule lined up and you could be shocked at the returns. Ask everywhere to make a donation to your fundraising page at the end of each ride and see your total shoot up!

Dog walking and pet sitting

Most of us seem to have a pet so make the most of that opportunity by spending some time looking after other peoples'. You could take a dog for a walk for a small contribution to your fundraising page, or spend some time at homes of your friends and family, while they are out, looking after their pets. There will be more of them than you think and could end up being very busy!

Payroll giving/pay yourself

And finally another one you can do yourself and where you're not dependent on anyone else. Set up a direct debit/standing order to your charity for an amount you won't miss and let it happen for a short period. If you have 6 months before your big event. Or arrange for payroll giving where it comes directly from your salary to your charity. If it's not too much you hopefully won't notice it and it will get you a lot closer to your goal.

Hopefully these have given you some ideas that you can tweak to deliver your perfect plan. It doesn't take much time, you just have to start early and be well prepared. Good admin is key!

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