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We have 7 different blog categories covering: Training Essentials, Nutrition, Injuries, Running Kit, Encouragement, Fundraising and Events. Once you signed up to a NAVY membership just hit the button below and you'll see every blog post. We're adding more every week and we have regular guest bloggers from all over the world. Make sure you comment and give us your feedback: we want you to be involved and to have your say. The more comments you leave the better the blogs will be. Your experiences really count.

Image by Dino Reichmuth



 Our running kit blog covers shoes, apparel in detail. We look at all the leading shoe manufacturers and highlight the key models from each. There's plenty on the best gear to wear in hot and cold climates and on running socks, accessories and compression gear and much more. Everything you need to know, right here, with more added regularly.


What should you eat and drink as your training progresses? Don't worry, we have that covered in our nutrition blog. If you get an injury, we've got a blog for that too, that details causes, prevention and approaches to treatment. If you need a break from your running, check out our cross training blog where we talk about swimming, cycling and much more.   



Choosing the events you want to run is such an important part of your running journey and we have that in hand with our most extensive blog, covering races across the world, from 5k upwards. Helping you to fundraise and gives you ideas to get you started is the focus of another blog and if you need any encouragement, well that's another blog.



Running isn't complicated, but if you are going to train for an event, or as part of a fitness or weight loss program there are lots of different areas you need to consider. Our blogs cover every one of them for you. Once you have a membership plan you have access to them all. You'll see them all laid out and from there you can then select a specific category, or go straight to the post that's of most interest. You can also use the search function to find what you're looking for. Each post is between four and seven minutes long and you can add comments, which will be helpful to us and others. We'll be adding new posts every week. so keep checking back.

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