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The perfect plan for beginners looking to train for their first 5K or for a runner coming back to running after some time away, Follow it closely and we'll get you to 40 minutes of running by the end of 8 weeks. On four days a week you'll be given a target amount of minutes to run and the other three days are rest days. If you want to go swimming, go on a bike or head to the gym on those days that's fine. Before each run you'll need to warm up and afterwards it's important to cool down. That time isn't included in the day's allocated minutes. You'll need to spend more time warming up and cooling down as the time you're running for increases. By week three you need to allocate five minutes to warm up and the same for the cool down. Every day we'll give you the recommended running minutes for that day or we'll let you know if it's a rest day and every day we'll also give you information on a running subject relevant to that stage of your running. That might be nutrition, injury info, training tips and much more. It will help you understand what's important at every stage of your plan and put it all into perspective. Once you've done your training then leave it for a week at least before you run your race. This is called the taper period and for a 5k a week is ok. On race day follow the same approach that you took during your training. If you took a walk/run approach during training then follow the same plan during your event.

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