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This is the plan for runners who can already run for around 25 minutes and who are aiming to run a half marathon in between 100 minutes and 160 minutes. Follow it closely and we'll get you to 120 minutes of quality running by the end of 20 weeks, ready for action on race day. On four days a week, you'll be given a target amount of minutes to run and the other days are rest days. Some cross training is included, but not to replace running and not more than once a week. There are also some hill sessions and some repetitions, but nothing too heavy. Before each run you'll need to warm up and afterwards it's important to cool down. That time isn't included in the day's allocated minutes. You'll need to spend more time warming up and cooling down as the time you're running for increases. The plan is split into 3 sectors. The first is PREPARE for 4 weeks, followed by PROGRESS for 13 weeks and then it's TAPER, for the last 3 weeks. Every day we'll give you details of your session and also talk about an area of running relevant to the stage you're at. That might be a discussion on the right gear, or a specific training topic. This will help you put it all into context. You'll get a daily notification that will remind you to get your running shoes on and when you're done come back to the site and tick it off. It will be great to see your progress! Enjoy!

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