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We provide a variety of professional advice, extensive support, and detailed information to people affected by scoliosis and their families and advance the treatment of scoliosis through stimulating and financing high-quality research.

The SAUK membership scheme allows us to put people in contact with others who have been through similar situations. Members are welcome to contact anyone in the network who has consented to sharing their details. This can be by telephone, post, or e-mail and, if you live nearby, you can arrange to meet in person.

When you join you will receive contact details of your local SAUK regional representative. Regional Representatives are SAUK volunteers based across the UK who have experience of scoliosis and are happy to be contacted with questions or just to chat. 

If you are already member and wish to receive some contacts, please contact the SAUK office.

There are ways to meet others without joining SAUK’s membership scheme; we have a Facebook and Twitter page, and organise regional meetings and other activities.

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