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Welcome to our virtual events! They are a great way to fundraise and every pound you raise will help us as we strive to support those with Scoliosis and to invest in essential research. Virtual events are really flexible and you can have fun along the way. Run as little or often as you like and get rewarded with one of our exclusive medals, a gorgeous hoodie and a special teddy called Rodney (dependant on the amount you fundraise).  To make it that bit easier we've got a 12 month Navy membership to The Sapphire Running Zone for everyone who enters one of our virtual events. This gives you training plans, blogs and much more on everything running and walking! We'll tell you how to get all this in your welcome email. On this page you'll see all the four distance options, the twelve virtual destinations and how it all works. Please support us and enjoy this unique opportunity to get involved with the charity and help us raise much needed funds.


Decide on your distance. We have 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon options. You have 30 days to complete your chosen event, whatever the distance. You can run, or walk,  however far you like on any given day. Do it all in one day, or over 30 days, it's your choice. No pressure!

Enter the distance of your choice in the 'ENTER HERE' section at the bottom of this page. It's free!


Once you've entered you'll be sent a link to a page that has all of our virtual destinations. Simply select where in the world you want to run virtually and you can get started. With all the support on offer you'll think you're actually there! There are videos, playlists and themed fundraising ideas!

Setting up a fundraising page is easy and we'll show you how to do that and how to share it. 


Keep a record of each run (use a running app or smartwatch) and then upload the files on the destination page once you're done. We'll have a look through and once verified, along with your fundraising we'll send you email  confirmation and a few days later your goodies will follow.

You just need to hit certain fundraising targets to get your goodies.



We've put together a Spotify playlist for every distance and every destination, so when you're out on your run or walk you'll be able to do it with the sounds of your chosen destination in your ears!