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The Sapphire Running Zone is managed by Tim Rogers, a veteran of 72 marathons and over 200 half marathons, many in fancy dress. He held the world record for running an official marathon on all 7 continents in the quickest time, has written 3 running books and was one of the first to run all of the world marathon majors in a calendar year. 


This is a global project and we are based in a number of different locations around the world. We will have partners everywhere, whether it be in one of the biggest cities in the US, or a rural community in the UK. As well as the more well known running hotspots, we are working with running communities in India, the Middle East and beyond... 


We are currently putting together an Advisory Board, made up of directors from some of the world’s leading running events. Many will be involved in the podcast and video series that is coming soon. Industry experts are providing additional content in fields such as nutrition and injury prevention.​ You'll have the content you want, in the format that you want it.

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