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This is the plan for beginners who can already run for around 20 minutes and who are aiming to run a 10k non stop and finish in around 60-70 minutes. Follow it closely and we'll get you to 60 minutes of running by the end of 10 weeks, meaning you'll feel very comfortable on race day. On four days a week you'll be given a target amount of minutes to run and the other three days are rest days. There is a longer run at the end of the week backed up by three shorter runs. Some cross training is good as well, like some swimming or cycling, but not to replace running and not more than once a week. Before each run you'll need to warm up and afterwards it's important to cool down. That time isn't include in the day's allocated minutes. You'll need to spend more time warming up and cooling down as the time you're running for increases. By week three you need to allocate five minutes to warm up and the same for the cool down. Once you've done your training then leave it for at least 10 days before you run your race. This is called the taper period. Just a short run or a couple of walks is all you should be doing then. On race day run at the same intensity that you did during your training. Every day we'll give you details of your session and also talk about an area of running relevant to the stage you're at. That might be a discussion on the right gear, or a specific training topic. This will help you put it all into context. Enjoy!

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