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Whatever you goal you need a plan to help you get there. It doesn't matter if you're running for general fitness, as part of a weight loss plan or if you're preparing for an event, you need some structure. You also need to make sure your plan is written by experts who have been there and done that and it must include the four principles of training. We have plans for all distances from 5k to the marathon, but they aren't just for those looking to run an official event. They are designed to give you a target and a focus. That makes running much more fun! Find out more about how they work below.

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Our plans don't just tell you how much to run each day and that's it. You get way more. Your daily run (or rest day) information is supplemented by a detailed explanation of a training subject that's relevant to where you are in your plan.  Once you've done your run come back to the site and mark it as complete and get ready for tomorrow. And to remind you what you need to do on a given day we'll send you a notification beforehand with what's ahead for that day.  Our training plans are included within our NAVY membership. If you've arrived here from one of our event partners you should have a discount code. If not just ask us for one.

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