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Want to learn from others or give your thoughts? Why not join one of our existing groups and share your experiences. Whether it be training for an event or working towards a fitness or weight loss goal there are plenty of groups that should meet your needs.



If you can't find a group that's perfect for you then why not create your own and invite others to join you? You can add all types of contact, including video, images and GIFs. You can make it public for others to join, or keep it private



Groups are a great way of documenting your progress. If you're starting out on your fitness journey they are perfect for recording your progress. You can invite others to see how you're doing or just keep it to yourself.


Groups are the perfect way to share your experiences and learn from others. We have some set up already and add more on a regular basis, but anyone with an account can also set them up whenever they like. To create a free account, just go to the top of the site next to the logo and sign up there. You can create a group for just you, you and some mates, your local running group, or a charity that has runners in a specific event; absolutely anyone. You can keep the groups private, or make them public and invite others to join them. You can add all sorts of media to them, including posts from Insta, or TikTok, videos, GIFs, images; whatever you want. They are a fantastic way to record your running experiences and to tell others about them! We'll also be creating some exclusive Groups that will be included in the Blue of Navy Plans.



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