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We love a challenge and this is definitely one!

This is a remarkable guy who is running the length of Africa and raising the money for the fantastic team at The Running Charity. He started in April 2023!

Here's a sample week.

#ProjectAfrica Day 261-266: Day 261: 50km Day 262: 50km Day 263: 50km Day 264: 50km Day 265: 50km Day 266: 50km


Total raised so far for charity: £126,290


'Approaching the last few days in Guinea. Been up in the mountains getting about it. Someone’s swapped my hip flexors for cheese strings which isn’t ideal but movements just about getting made. Excited to get to Senegal where we have some people flying in for a few days to meet us before the vast, isolated stint in the Sahara. Have met some really inspiring people over the last few days and pondered many of life’s big questions. When I started this mission I was hoping that throughout the course of such a long adventure maybe I would discover more answers to these questions, but honestly I just have more questions. Life is complicated. Tarmac isn’t. '

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