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We have three podcast series, with each offering a unique take on an aspect of the running world. We want you to be a key part of the series, whether it be reviews of events and kit or your feedback on what's going on in the sector. When you join as a NAVY member we'll send you a private link that gives you access to all of them. You can either listen to them on your computer or phone direct or add the feed to your favourite podcast player. You'll have access to all the podcasts for the lifetime of your membership plan. Our Podcast library goes live in April 2024.

Image by John Lee



Events are the perfect way to take your running passion to the next level. Whether it's a local 5k or a major marathon you'll get an incredible feeling when you go over the finish line and hopefully you'll be looking for the next one soon after. But which ones should you do? 



Raising money for charity is now a massive part of the running sector, with fundraising is an important part of most events. Charities bring colour and support to races and they give runners another purpose.It's not just about how fast or far you can run, it's also about how much you can raise.



Training to keep fit or for an event can be overwhelming if you don't take control. How can you prevent injuries and how do you deal with them? What should you eat and drink before, during and after an event? Lots to think about, but don't worry, this is the series for you. 

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